Pillow Fight 2.0

Developed for the Wearable Game Controllers at NYU’s Poly Game Innovation Lab class, this series of two smart robes are game action ready. They were developed for a game called Pillow Fight Level 2.0. The objective of the game is to “wake up” your opponent by attempting to “snooze” them. You have to snooze them … Continue reading Pillow Fight 2.0


#kissthefrog or #ikissedafrog is a social persuasive campaign to introduce consumer habit change and influence manufacturing production. Attached you can view the full presentation which details the campaign’s in store and online experience and why this topic is important: Frog Final Presentation  

Smart Hoodie

The Hoodie that’s a cell phone. The Smart Hoodie has been covered by a few news outlets, check out those stories here. Have you ever wondered what the future of a mobile interfaces could be? What will replace the smart phone, which replaced the dumb phone and the pager and the PDA before it. A cell phone … Continue reading Smart Hoodie