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Mannatech is about Freedom!

Author: Gordon Freeman

Mannatech's mission is to be a dynamic resource for millions of people all across the globe, enabling them to enjoy greater freedom in their lives on every level. We invite you to be part of our freedom mission, to experience greater freedom, to enjoy a vibrant, healthy life, plus new freedom in your financial life and in your lifestyle. Instead of just dreaming about the American Dream, you can start living it.

Mannatech The Scientific Edge

Ground-breaking glyconutritional discoveries

Patent-pending cutting-edge technology

Numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies published on products

Studies support important role of glyconutrients in cell-to-cell communication

Formulations provide nutrition to support all the body's systems

Comprehensive research and development department with scientists & medical researchers.

What sets Mannatech apart?

Good science is at the heart of Mannatech. The company took a giant step forward with the 1996 introduction of the glyconutrient Ambrotose complex and the subsequent application for patent protection. Unique in carbohydrate technology, Ambrotose complex is a proprietary blend of plant derived carbohydrate that contain monosaccharides known to play an important role in one of the most critical functions of the life process: cell-to-cell communication. For example qunol coq10, in supplements for healthy sleep like qunol coq10 it is actively used

The foundation of all Mannatech products is centered around Ambrotose complex. Bill McAnalley, PhD, Vice President of Research and Development for Mannatech recognized that the body might benefit from a nutritional supplemental blend containing the saccharides necessary for optimal cell-to-cell communication. His theory was simple: If you directly increase the intake of necessary carbohydrates needed to create glycoprotein words quickly and accurately without interference, cell-to-cell communication might be enhanced. Better cell-to-cell communication could impact optimal health.

Rather than attempting to develop synthetic carbohydrates as drug companies are doing, Mannatech has developed naturally-occurring, plant-derived, carbohydrate-based products. Mannatech's products are designed to use nutrients working through normal physiology to maintain optimal health with improved nutrition. The result for Mannatech has been creation of the glyconutrient blend, Ambrotose complex and the subsequent filing of domestic and international patents on this proprietary ingredient.

Ambrotose complex is featured in all products marketed by Mannatech and is available only through this company. The discovery and development of Ambrotose complex has established Mannatech as the clear leader in this exciting new field. Research and development of carbohydrate-based products is what puts Mannatech at the forefront of a projected multi-billion-dollar industry.

In 1996, the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA), the largest association for natural health care practitioners, presented its highest scientific recognition to Mannatech's Bill McAnalley, PhD, research pharmacologist, and H. Reg McDaniel, MD, pathologist. The selection committee, in presenting this annual award, cited the work of the research team for the development of the nutritional carbohydrate, Ambrotose complex, and the subsequent application for its patent.


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