HIVE – An interactive bee experience


from Alina Balean on Vimeo.

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Hive is an interactive spatial experience that reflects the correlation between bee and human behavior. This interactive art display responds to human behaviors by responding with bee behavior. Our inspiration is the ecosystem and social life of honeybees.

Honeybees are the most highly-evolved eusocial species. They live in well-organized colonies and they engage in a variety of complex tasks not practiced by the multitude of solitary insects but bee colonies are declining at an alarming rate. The Contributing factors are habitat loss and alteration, introduced species, spread of disease and pesticide use.

Around the world, we are currently facing pollination crisis, both in agriculture and nature. Bee pollination is vital to millions of U.S. agricultural crops, and ultimately, bees are responsible for pollinating roughly 30% of all the food that U.S. consumers eat. The economic impact of pollination is profound, estimated to be as high as $117 billion a year. ⅓ of your foods you eat are directly or indirectly depend on pollination.  Unfortunately, the situation has no clear solution, especially given the compounded factors contributing to the disappearances of honeybees.

By using digital bees Hive seeks to communicate the essential importance of real bees in our ecosystem. We hope people experience an emotional connection to bees they’ve never felt before and really slow down and appreciate the world around us.

Partner  Arielle E Hein


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