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Mannatech utilizes a simple concept called Freedom Circles to explain what our company offers to customers who order retail products, to preferred customers who enjoy the standard Associate discount, and to those who become Independent Associates to market our innovative glyconutritional products.

The Freedom Circles are based upon the dynamics of a ripple effect, a physical phenomenon that results in an expanding series of events or actions based on a single initial action. At the center of Mannatech's Freedom Circles is Health Freedom. This initial point of action offers to help you maintain Optimal Health, the underlying freedom that facilitates your enjoyment of life and all it has to offer.

Mannatech's patent-pending ingredient AmbrotoseŽ complex is a blend of saccharides known to play an important role in one of the most critical functions of the life process: cell-to-cell communication. Good communication is necessary for proper gland and organ function, proper immune system function and the natural defense and endocrine system functions. The role of glyconutrients in optimal health has been documented in numerous private and government funded studies.